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Pipe Downstream Equipements

Vaccum Sizing Tank ,  Cooling Tank.png

Vacuum Sizing Tank

Special Features

  • Stable and efficient cooling.

  • Quick start up as seals maintain vacuum at out of shape pipe.

  • Simple operations.

  • Fully welded tank shell construction of stainless steel.

  • Connection to line control.

  • Proportional level and temperature control, resulting in a more stable water level.

  • Intensive cooling to guarantee a high level of production rate.

  • Manual slide rail arrangement for axial and traverse movement of the tank.

  • Lids casted in aluminum.

  • Better filters for the screen–larger area of filtration–auto cleaning.

  • Separate circuits for vacuum and water spray.

Tube Traction Unit

Special Features

  • Integrated synchronization of the precise line.

  • Multi belt – 2/4/6 belts – ovality free pipes.

  • Minimum velocity range significantly decreased.

  • Different line speeds can be changed by changing the sprockets (on request)

  • Higher pulling force. Bigger pneumatic cylinders with a high clamping force.

  • Long contact length.

  • Quick diameter change.

  • Very low chain wear.

  • Extra-wide pads made of imported rubber.

  • Slip control.

  • Servo Design (can be provided on request)

Tube Cutting Unit 

Special Features

  • Suitable for PE and PVC pipe high-speed lines.

  • Low noise due to acrylic cover (on request).

  • Multiple lengths of cutting in a single line.

  • During production, parameters for cutting can be set.

  • Clean and dust-free cuts.

  • Unmatched cutter quality.

Tilting Unit.png

Pipe Tilting Unit

Special Features

  • Rigid heavy-duty MS structure

  • Rubber pad made from imported rubber

  • Pneumatically operated

  • The operation of two limit switches – one for pipe cutter feedback and others for tilting the pipe


 Single Screw Barrel like , Vented Screw & Barrel. Barrier Screw & Barrel, Medoc – Barrier Screw, Ring Plunger Set & Torpedo & Grooved Feed.



Twin Screw Barrel like Kabra, Windsor, Rollepaal, Theyson, Krauss Maffei, Lohia, and many more…

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Twin Screw Extruders

CPVC/RPVC/UPVC Pipe Extrusion Plant for applications like Electrical Conduits, SWR, Plumbing, Casing, Column, Agriculture. Output Range - 100 Kgs/hr to 1500 Kgs/hr

Single Screw Extruders 

PE/PPR Pipe Extrusion Plants for applications like Agriculture, Sprinkler, Chemical Industry, Gas, Telecom duct. Output Range - 60 Kgs/hr to 1500 Kgs/hr. Screw Diameter - 45mm - 120mm

High Speed Mixer Machine

High speed mixers for Rigid PVC and Soft PVC compounding applications. These are designed considering high/low filled compound application as per customer’s requirement. 

Garden Hose Pipe Plant

Garden Hose Pipe Extrusion Plant for Soft PVC Pipes. Output Range - 60 Kgs/hr to 120 Kgs/hr. Screw Diameter - 65mm to 90mm

Downstream Equipments

Downstream Equipment's Like Vacuum Sizing Tank, Extra Cooling Tank, Tube Traction Unit, Tube Cutting Unit, Tube Tilting Unit.  



We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & exporter of standard and customized Single and Twin (cylindrical/conical) Screw and Barrel, All Kinds of Pipe Extrusion Plants & High-Speed Heater-Cooler Mixer machine. We are established since 1992 with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Dhamatvan, Ahmedabad spread in a plot area of 20000 sq. mtrs. 

Till date, we have served more than 5000 customers in the World and exported our quality in 37 Countries